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Writing is a craft learned over years of writing, reading, and studying. I have many of the books below on my shelves and refer to them often. There are plenty more to choose from, but why don’t you start with these sixty. They oughta keep you out of trouble for while.

Grammar, Format & Style:


Writing for the Christian Market Resources:

Writing Fiction:

Writing Non-fiction:

Market Guides:

Queries & Proposals:

Agents, Editors & Publishers:

 Marketing & Platform:

2 thoughts on “Writers

  1. Hi Clarice,
    I loved your recent story about going to the wrong funeral…but like you said there is no such thing as going to the wrong funeral.
    Congratulations on the publication of your book. Will call to chew your ear off one of those days…that is more of a threat than a promise..


    • Glad you liked the story. I can still picture my dad saying “So sorry about the boat” to the widow. Makes me laugh every time. I was just telling David it’d been a while since we spoke. We’re due. Let’s talk. I’m out of town tomorrow, but am pretty open after that, you know other than the normal stuff.


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