Clarice James

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The Girl He Knew

The Girl He Knew, a women’s contemporary novel set in Plymouth, MA.

Charlie Dawson is a co-owner of a successful design-build firm in his historic hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts. More important to him is his happy marriage to Juliette, the girl he fell in love with in tenth grade French class … the one he married right after college … the one he planned to have babies with soon—right up until the day she dropped dead.

Wrapping his mind and heart around the facts surrounding her sudden death is made even more difficult by an overbearing father-in-law, a local police sergeant who suspects Charlie is at the center of foul play, and a compassionless and demanding client who doesn’t give him space or time to grieve.

Fearing he’ll lose the girl he knew forever, Charlie sets out on a course to discover the truth.


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