Clarice James

Smart, Fun, Relatable Fiction

My Writing

I write smart, fun, relatable women’s fiction–currently contemporary. My style has been described in these ways:

  • Plots that pull you into the characters’ lives
  • A sensitive and deft writer . . . with a powerful relationship with language
  • Held my attention from beginning to end
  • A little bit of something for everyone: romance, humor, tension, and mystery
  • Real characters with real problems
  • Gripped me from the opening sentence
  • You’ll shed a tear and laugh out loud

Double Header: “A rising sports columnist fears losing the unblemished memories of her late father when she learns she has a brother no one knew existed.”

Double Header was one of the three winners in Jerry Jenkins’ Operation First Novel contest in 2014. It was published December 1, 2015 by Mountainview Books, LLC. It is available at your local bookstore–just ask them to order it for you. It’s also available on Amazon KindleNook, Kobo, iPad, Paperback Amazon and Paperback Barnes & Noble.

Party of One: “Risking her privacy, a widow founds Party of One, a communal table for single diners, where she meets an eclectic mix of colorful characters who cause her to confront her fears, beliefs, and self-assurance.”

I was encouraged when Party of One was chosen one of five finalists in the 2011 Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild First Novel Contest. My goal is to get Party of One on the right editor’s desk.

Manhattan Grace: “A young actress is mentored by a Messianic Rabbi while she helps him pursue a  romantic relationship with an opera star.  Through a series of misunderstandings, the two become embroiled in a jewel heist.”

My goal is to present this book to editors by spring 2016.

In 1999, I compiled and self-published a series of seven topical booklets entitled The WORD Applied with subtitles including to “Your Maker,” “Your Salvation,” “Your Hope & Healing,” “Your Emotions,” “Your Family,” “Your Workplace,” and “Your Grief.”

During that time, I began a newsletter ministry at my church. My role was that of reporter, writer and editor (a.k.a. chief cook and bottle-washer). I put this 10 to 12-page newsletter out on time every month for over six years. The newsletter was voted “best in the Southern New England District” by my denomination’s leadership. I’m not sure how many entries there were, but I’ll accept the compliment because it blessed my fellow congregants and made them smile.

I mention the newsletter here not as a literary achievement, by as a source of great personal blessing to me and to the church family to whom I ministered. I loved this ministry because the newsletter allowed me to experience my readers’ reactions face to face.

So, to all those writers who are hoping to make the “big time,” I say treasure those small moments of joy along the way. They may hold the greatest satisfaction.

Over the years, I’ve also been known in my circle of friends and associates for humorous “roasts” and presentations. God blessed me with a sense of humor, and I find joy in sharing this cup of water and in making people laugh.

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