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A sampling of author endorsements and reader reviews.

The Least of These: Clarice James continues her winning streak with The Least of These, tackling the issues of whistleblowing and medical malpractice with insight, humor, and suspense. She does a good job developing her young heroine, showing both her resolve and her fears. James deftly portrays a small New England town, its gossip, and goodness. This is a strong addition to James’s body of work and to anyone’s women’s fiction collection. ~ Kathleen D. Bailey, award-winning author of Westward Hope, Settlers’ Hope, and Redemption’s Hope (Western Dream Series)

The Least of These: Suspense, sweet and endearing romance, and a cast of appealingly genuine characters. As for the setting – I want to visit Andover, Maine, population 821, for Olde Home Days to eat sausages with fresh-out-of-the-garden peppers and onions, and to cheer on the drivers in the tractor race. Ms. James’s touches of humor made me chuckle many times. A delightful read that left me with wistfully pleasant memories. ~ Susan F. Craft author of The Chamomile, Laurel, and Cassia (The Women of the American Revolution Series)

The Girl He Knew: Take a group of likeable characters who are by turns sympathetic and maddening; make them suffer through an excruciating dilemma ripped from today’s headlines; add a healthy dollop of plot twists and some real belly laughs in the most unexpected places; and you have The Girl He Knew by Clarice G James. It’s both sobering and fun, and it kept me guessing right through to the satisfying conclusion. ~ John F. Harrison, author of Fighting Back

The Girl He Knew: Take a dash of romance, a spoonful of humor, and a hearty portion of mystery, and you’ve stirred up a sure-fire Clarice G. James hit. I’m enthralled with this author’s ability to weave wit into a plot as serious as death. The Girl He Knew will claim you from the start. ~ Linda Brooks Davis, award-winning author of The Calling of Ella McFarland, The Mending of Lillian Cathleen, and The Awakening of Miss Adelaide (Women of Rock Creek Series)

Manhattan Grace: “James’ mastery immediately draws you into the story through delightful, diverse, and colorful characters who portray simple but strong faith in everyday circumstances. Then, a sudden twist occurs, totally unexpected, making Manhattan Grace clever, surprising, and entertaining.” ~ Rachel Britton, author and speaker, co-director of reNEW Retreat for New England Writing

Manhattan Grace: “Clarice James skillfully navigates the complex worlds of acting, Jewish circumcision, and colorful relationships, with a bit of jewel thievery thrown in … all with delicious wit and humor. Well crafted, well researched, Manhattan Grace serves up a feast that is sure to entertain.” ~ Eleanor Gustafson, author of Dynamo and An Unpresentable Glory

Doubleheader: Clarice James is a sensitive and deft writer who has not only an authentic relationship with the Lord but a powerful relationship with language. You can enjoy both in Doubleheader. ~ Daphne Simpkins, author of Nat King Cole: An Unforgettable Life of Music and The Adventures of Mildred Budge Series

Doubleheader gripped me from its opening sentence. I couldn’t stop until I’d laughed every last laugh the book elicits and solved each mystery weaving its way through the story with tentacles that grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let go. ~ Terrie Todd, award-winning author of The Silver Suitcase, Maggie’s War, and Bleak Landing

Party of One: Clarice James is that smart, hilarious, authentic, sometimes ironic friend you always want to be around, and her writing is all that and more. Party of One had me at hello, and I immediately felt I was part of the dinner crowd at Cranberry Fare. It’s the kind of book you hate to start because you know, at some point, it will end. Funny. Poignant. Real. And smart – did I mention smart? You’ll want to form a book club just to discuss this book. Invite me when you do. We’ll have dinner! ~ Lori Stanley Roeleveld, author of Red Pen Redemption, Jesus and the Beanstalk, and Running from a Crazy Man

Party of One is an inspiring, humorous, heartwarming, and cleverly crafted story of friendship, reinvention, and hope. Brimming with wit and a hilarious cast of enjoyable, unconventional characters, Clarice G. James brings us a fun-filled novel that affirms the ability of God to comfort us in dark times while gently illuminating a new path that will help restore our happiness and lead us closer to Him. One of the few authors who can make me laugh out loud! ~ Torry Martin, actor, screenwriter, comedian, and author of Of Moose and Men