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  • 2015 December 5 –  Jocelyn Pleus, The Happy Cottage Quilter: Double Header was a delightful read . . .  Double Header, a new novel by Clarice James was a delightful read. The story entails a brother and sister who write a baseball column called Double Header. The interaction between siblings was warmhearted. Their humorous bantering made me smile every single time.  When a letter arrives for Casey, her life is turned upside down. What she had always known becomes an unknown. She strongly rejects the notion that her father could have faltered, failing to live up to the memory she has immortalized. Little by little Casey seeks and finds faith that helps her acknowledge she might be wrong once in a while. She finds believing in God brings her the inner peace she has long searched for.
    Double Header is a well written novel that I think you would enjoy. Even among the conflict, Clarice James skillfully weaves emotions, faith, humor, and redemption.
    Clarice James was one of the winners in the 2014 Jerry Jenkins Operation First Novel contest, Double Header is her first published novel. I received a copy of this novel for my honest review.
  • 2015 November 29 – Amazon Customer:  I enjoyed reading this book because the inner story snuck up on me. The detailed sports references drew me in and made me double-check these weren’t real players and real games . . .
  • 2015 November 27 – Shannon Grace – You don’t have to enjoy or even understand baseball to love this novel! . . .