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Laws Against Spam?

Do you know there are Spam Laws? More specifically the CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003?

I don’t understand why the United States Congress felt they had to regulate Spam. Is there a shortage? Are people eating too much? Does Hawaii have more than its fair share?

And what on earth does my email list have to do with this processed meat product?

Anyway, part of the CAN-SPAM ACT states I can’t add your name to my permanent author email list without your permission–even of you’re a friend or a relative.

So, if you like to read smart, fun, relatable women’s contemporary fiction (written from a Providential worldview) and want to hear about my novels, book-signing events, and giveaways, please add your name and email below and hit Submit. [Comments are optional.] 

I promise not to bombard you with junk mail, including any and all processed meat propaganda, and I will NOT share your email address with anyone–especially congress. 

2 thoughts on “CAN-SPAM ACT

  1. It is crazy how the government wants to take over all aspects of our lives. This goes too far, first spam then all the baloney!


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