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Watch for my book signings (in NH and MA) when Manhattan Grace is out in May!  

Join us at one of these “Lessons Learned on the Way to Publication” writers’ workshops. Come armed with curiosity and questions for our panel of authors! 

  • 2018 Saturday, May 5, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm: Writers’ Workshop: “Lessons Learned on the Way to Publication” at Manchester Public Library, 405 Pine St., Manchester, NH 03104 (With authors Ellie Gustafson, Linda Shenton Matchette, Konnie Viner, Jeremiah Peters, Susan Call, Ralph D. James, and Clarice G. James.)
  • 2018 Saturday, July 28, 9:00 to noon: Writers’ Workshop: “Lessons Learned on the Way to Publication.”
  • 2018 Saturday, July 28, 2:00 to 4:00 pm: Author Talk and Book Signing at Rumney Bible Camp, 31 Gilford Ave., Rumney, NH with Ellie Gustafson, Jeremiah Peters, Ralph D. James, and Clarice G. James.

We’ll discuss the following topics at these interactive workshops:  

  1. How to know if you’re a “real” writer
  2. Misconceptions about writers
  3. General facts about the writing and publishing processes
  4. Writing for a target audience (people and people groups)
  5. Being professional even before you’re published
  6. Using the resources of your local library
  7. First things first on the path to publication
  8. Editing your own work
  9. Finding the right kind of editor, and what they will do for you
  10. Things to do before you submit a manuscript to an agent or publisher
  11. What to include in a book proposal
  12. Finding an agent
  13. What a good agent will do for you
  14. Finding the right publisher for your type of book
  15. Reasons why your submission may have been rejected
  16. Pros of both self-publishing and traditional publishing
  17. Ways to market your book
  18. Top resource books for writers

The authors on the panel will have copies of our books available for purchase (which of course, we will sign). I’ll also have some pre-signed gift-wrapped copies available.  Yes, credit cards are accepted.

If you or your group would like to hold an author event, these types of venues are an ideal fit:

  • Book Clubs: If your local book club selects one of my books, I’ll join you in person or via video chat to discuss it.
  • Bookstores: I love small, locally-owned bookstores.
  • Cafés & Coffee Houses: Chatting about writing and publishing is always better over coffee.
  • Family Style Restaurants: I’ll be happy to set up a table in the corner, the foyer, or  in a private room.
  • Ladies Church Groups: My books, Party of One, Double Header, and Manhattan Grace are written from a women’s perspective for women. Themes include forgiveness, grief, loneliness, surrender,  and discerning God’s purpose for your life. I’d be pleased to speak on those topics.
  • Libraries: Looking for an author event for your library? Call me. My author friends and I have done this before.
  • Private Homes: (Invitation-Only) Local Author-in-the-House home parties are fun and more personal. This venue gives readers and authors the chance to get to know one another better.

Love to hear from you! Call me at 603-578-1860 or text 603-689-8945. If you prefer, email me at Thank you.