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21 Ministries Rated Four Stars & Up by MinistryWatch.Com


MinistryWatch.comEver wonder if the ministries you give to are good stewards of the monies they receive?

Check out which rates ministries based on the following seven areas: (1) Transparency, (2) Truth Claims, (3) Values, (4) Sectors/Functions, (5) Resourcefulness, (6) Red Flag Issues, and (7) Consultation.

Besides the ones I have listed here, there are many reputable ministries out there. Go to to find out more.  As of February 15, 2013,  here is a list of their top 21.

  1. Advancing Native Missions, Inc./ANM, Charlottesville, VA
  2. AnGeL Ministries/Anne Graham Lotz, Raleigh, NC
  3. Ankerberg Theological Research Institute, Chattanooga, TN
  4. Bible Study Fellowship/BSF, San Antonio, TX
  5. Blessings International, Broken Arrow, OK
  6. Bright Hope International, Hoffman Estates, IL
  7. Cadence International, Englewood, CO
  8. Children’s Hunger Fund/CHF, Sylmar, CA
  9. Children’s Medical Ministries (CMM), Crofton, MD
  10. Christian Blind Mission/CBM, Greenville, SC
  11. Christian Freedom International (CFI), Sault Sainte Marie, MI
  12. Family Guidance, Inc., Sewickley, PA
  13. Gideons International, Nashville, TN
  14. JAARS, Inc., Waxhaw, NC
  15. Kingsway Charities, Bristol, VA
  16. Medical Teams International (MTI), Portland, OR
  17. Operation Blessing International/OBI/ Pat Robertson, Virginia Beach, VA
  18. The Rutherford Institute/John Whitehead, Charlottesville, VA
  19. Village Missions, Dallas, OR
  20. World Help, Forest, VA
  21. Young Life, Colorado Springs, CO


3 thoughts on “21 Ministries Rated Four Stars & Up by MinistryWatch.Com

  1. Interesting list. Thanks, Clarice. LOVE World Help. Have been so impressed with the heart of those involved, so I’m not surprised to see them on the list.


  2. I’m amazed that Community Bible Study, an international ministry with classes throughout the United States, was not listed. It did have three stars when I went to the MinistryWatch website.


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