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Have a Passionate New Year!

2013 imagesI was speaking with another writer this morning when he commented on the passion he heard in my voice when I spoke of my writing. I wasn’t trying to convince him of anything.  I didn’t have to work myself up to get excited. I wasn’t faking it. I couldn’t fake it. I was just talking about what I do.

The passion I have for my work is only there because it is God-given, not man-made.

That realization got me excited all over again. My God is such a personal God that He instilled this passion in me for the gifts He gave me. I pray that I can use my gifts more and more in the coming New Year to encourage fellow believers and bring glory to His Name.

I pray that my passion is contagious! Catch the vision God has for you and go for it in 2013!

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My Sources of Good Material

research-writing matt blu-ylwCollecting good material is all part of the writing process. Here are a few of the ways I gather mine.

First, I’m always on the lookout for new words (new to me, that is) to use in my writing someday. Yesterday I added “flumped” and “clots” to my list just because they made me smile.

I also collect phrases–mostly from listening to my quit-witted husband. I keep a small spiral pad with me at all times. When he speaks, I take notes. (It’s not really stealing if it’s common property; we are ONE after all.)

Unfortunately, he does not provide this service on demand. He  says, “I have no idea when something useful will float to the surface of the muck and mire. You just have to take what you get.”  Watching his mind work is pure genius . . .  and a little bit strange.

I also eavesdrop on conversations–in restaurants, at church, while shopping, at meetings. Some might accuse me of being nosey; without hesitation, I admit I am guilty.

People-watching is kin to eavesdropping, but you can do that from afar.  My husband calls it “rubbernecking;” I call it research. Many of my characters have been dressed in the get-ups I’ve seen while walking through a public place.

people-watching2Then there are my co-workers, friends and family. When my book Party of One is published, many might recognize a few of their own quirks and characteristics. (I do hope they will forgive me.) And they will all recognize mine.