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If I were casting Doubleheader . . .

DH Casey mcGee Gallagher - Blake LivelyI’d choose Blake Lively to play my lead. I can easily picture Blake as CASEY McGEE GALLAGHER, managing clients in an upscale Boston marketing firm; cheering for the Red Sox from the bleachers at Fenway; wise-cracking with her brother, Griffin; venting to her friend, Vanessa; cleaning-up for date night with her husband, Sam; and raising her fist in the air and shouting, “Thanks, Dad, for taking the easy way out and leaving us with your mess to clean up!”


DH - Griffin McGee - James Marsden

I’d choose a younger James Marsden to play Casey’s brother GRIFFIN McGEE. Griffin co-writes the Doubleheader sports column with his big sister Casey. Their sibling rivalry is more choreographed humor than competition—at least on Griffin’s part. He plays the comedian to Casey’s “straight man.” While Casey wants to make things happen, Griffin wants to see what happens; she plans, he dreams; she plays life by the rules, he plays life by ear.


DH Roberta Herzog - Sally Jesse RaphaelI’d choose a younger Sally Jessie-Raphael to play ROBERTA HERZOG, Casey and Griffin’s pushy literary agent. The siblings have nicknamed her “the bulldog” because of her constant nagging at them to do better and to do more. Roberta has no problem crossing the line between their business relationship and their personal lives.




DH - Sam Gallagher - Ryan McPartlin

I’d choose Ryan McPartlin to play SAM GALLAGHER, Casey’s protective husband. Sam is a level-headed Massachusetts State Police Officer who has advanced in the ranks almost as quickly as Casey’s late father did. He is patient with his wife’s unrealistic goals for them as a couple, but he doesn’t push. He gives Casey the leeway she needs to discover for herself what is really important in life.


DH Vanessa Vance - Eva Marceille

I’d choose Eva Marcille to play VANESSA VANCE, Casey’s best friend since they roomed together at Simmons College. After law school, Vanessa worked for a prestigious Boston law firm and made partner before she turned thirty. Even with Casey’s busy lifestyle, the two friends always made time for each other—especially when one of them has a problem.



DH - Mike Hennessey - Alex Pettyfer

I’d choose Alex Pettyfer to play MIKE HENNESSEY, the rookie Red Sox pitcher from South Boston who Casey and Griffin befriend. Mike feels the pressure of being a local hero and has a family secret that throws his game off.




DH - Darin Flynn - Hutch Dano

I’d choose Hutch Dano to play DARIN FLYNN, the rookie Red Sox catcher from South Boston who’s best friends with pitcher, Mike Hennessey. Casey and Griffin get close to Darin and Mike while interviewing them for their sports column, Double Header.




DH - Jillian Bouchard McGee - Rose Leslie

I’d choose Rose Leslie to play JILLIAN McGEE, Griffin’s sweet, somewhat naïve wife whose specialty is party planning and keeping the peace between her husband and his sister, Casey.





DH - Lyle Wexler - Josh Hutcherson

I’d choose Josh Hutcherson to play LYLE WEXLER, Casey’s arrogant new co-worker. Lyle cares more about his “uber cool” appearance and playing video games than doing his job.




DH - Gordy Ackerman - Brendan Fraser

I’d choose Brendan Frazier as Casey’s disheveled yet kindhearted boss, GORDY ACKERMAN, who is always looking for his glasses and phone.



DH - Nora Ingersson - Jaimie Lee Curtis 2

I’d choose Jamie Lee Curtis to play Casey’s capable executive assistant, NORA INGERSSON. Nora has no problem serving others in the workplace. Like a mother hen, she has Casey’s back.





DH - Tommy Coletti - Liam Hemsworth

I’d choose Liam Hemsworht to play TOMMY COLETTI, the rookie state cop who becomes friends with his hero, Sam Gallagher, Casey’s husband. Tommy’s aunt happens to be Roberta Herzog, Casey and Griffin’s agent.